Where is the produce grown?

The fresh, organic produce from Greenline Organic is grown in Australia from certified, organic Australian farms.

Currently around 70 – 80% of certified organic farms in Australia are located in N.S.W, Vic and Qld. In addition to the point in the season, the type of produce will play a large role in where it has been grown. Produce such as bananas will come from QLD or possibly north NSW whereas produce such as cauliflower or apples will most likely be grown in Vic or NSW. The range of seasonal produce in Australia is very good as we experience a quite cold environment down in Tassie and almost tropical conditions in up north Qld.

Utilising all states in Australia for fresh produce means that Greenline Organic can offer an excellent range of certified organic produce though out the year.

Packed good from Greenline Organic such as pasta, tea or juices may be from Australia or from overseas. Greenline Organic favours the purchase of Australian packed goods and groceries. This information (organic Australia or organic overseas) will be listed with each product on the Greenline Organic order page so you can make an informed decision when purchasing.