Meet our team

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Greenline Organic is a family owned and operated team that has been in business for 25 years. The team is carefully chosen to ensure that they fit with the morals and ethics of our family business, which are:

  1. Care for our environment – we only have one planet to live on, lets do everything we can to ensure we preserve it for future generations of all beings.
  2. Care for our farmers – we pay a fair price for our produce to ensure our farmers can have a sustainable living from doing what they love.
  3. Support for eachother – anyone in the Greenline Organic Community (that includes customers) are all treated as family. We ensure that the utmost care and attention is taken to everybody in our community.
  4. Providing Choices – the products we select & offer our customers are carefully chosen to ensure they fit our morals and ethics but also are a REAL choice and REAL food or products.

Our team are dedicated to providing our customers an experience of being part of a family and not just a store to buy your groceries from. We believe in old fashioned, personalised service to ensure your needs are met but also we would like you to feel welcomed and enjoy your entire shopping experience.