Greenline Garden Phase 2

Manure 1Manure 2

We are planning to start planting our produce in November this year, so August is the perfect time to add some Manure into the soil.  This will give the manure a good 3 months to break down into the soil and make it nutrient dense.  We have used some organic sheep manure this year.  Cow or chicken manure is also very good for the garden or even a mix.  I have only lightly mixed it into the soil as I want the rain to wet it and assist it to break down into the soil.  Being Melbourne, we rarely get heavy rains so I find it best to keep the manure at this point on the top.  As time progresses and I see it start to break down I may turn it deeper into the soil, but for now how it is, is perfect!

I wouldn’t add anymore manure or compost after this as it will not give it enough time to break down before planting.  This will cause issues with seedlings or seeds as the ground will be too “hot” and burn the roots causing slow or even stagnant growth.